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5. Nila   (17/09/2013 10:56 PM) E-mail
I totally adore this musical!!! I would o anything to see it live!! My french teacher used to show us this musical and teach us about it! OMG I really do love Garou as Quasimodo, he's so lovely!! <3 <3

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4. Coeur d'Acanthe   (17/04/2013 9:06 PM) E-mail
J'adore cette comédie musicale ! Merci pour les textes de certaines chansons que j'adore (Le temps des cathédrales, Belle, Florence), et pour les renseignements sur certains comédiens.
Ton site est super malgré (oui : je suis pénible) quelques fautes d'orthographe. =)

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3. Sonia   (31/01/2012 1:09 AM) E-mail
Hola, lo siento pero no se hablar Francés. Espero que me podais entender. Solo queria saber si hay alguna manera de comprar el DVD del Musical. Grácias

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2. nini   (10/10/2011 8:26 PM)
So wonderfu!!!l I love it..! My favourite from any other musical i ve ever seen.. I just wish i could see it live. Its being put on stage again in celebration of the 10 years but in Italy and unfortunately i live in cyprus :P too bad :P

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1. Vera   (03/05/2011 3:48 PM)
Notre Dame is absolutely the most wonderful musical I have ever seen. But unfortunately only on Youtube. I would like to ask if you will ever put it on stage again or if there will be a concert some day.
I would be delighted.


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